The Floating Wetlands of Chokera

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© WWF-Pakistan

Water is our lifeline and there is only a finite amount to be shared by all the living beings on this earth. From all the water resources on this planet, only 2.5 per cent is freshwater. A tiny fraction of this small percentage flows through our rivers and lakes from where we source it.

While the water crisis is a global issue, it is already a reality for Pakistan, as we are well below the threshold of a water stressed country, now categorized as water scarce. Our per capita water availability has reduced to only 930 cubic metre per year.

Faisalabad is an important industrial city and was called the Manchester of Pakistan, and is a text book example of environmental problems caused by rapid industrialization. …

Saving Indus River Dolphins — Pakistan

© François Xavier Pelletier / WWF

The role

My name is Hamera Aisha and I work as Wildlife Manager at WWF-Pakistan. My job involves working very closely with communities, governments, and other relevant partners to protect the Indus river dolphin and many other vanishing wildlife species of Pakistan and their habitats. My work also includes raising awareness about the planet and country’s biodiversity and engaging with the public, especially children (students), to help develop an association with nature, the need to care for wildlife, such as the rare dolphin, and the need for its protection.

New hope for the Indus River dolphin

The Indus river dolphin is the second most endangered freshwater dolphin in the world, due to many threats it faces including fragmentation of their habitat after barrages were built across the Indus River, entanglement in fishing nets, reduced flow of water in the river, and pollution from surrounding industries. …

Saving the Sawfish

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I jumped with excitement when my boss asked me “Would you be interested in working on the Sawfish conservation project?” as I walked in to his office on the first day of my internship at WWF-Pakistan. Even though I had extensive knowledge about sawfishes, I have only had a chance to see one sawfish in my life which was in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo during my internship back in 2018. …

Saeed Abbas

Copy rights WWF-Pakistan

Saeed Abbas works as Conservation Officer for the Asia High Mountains Project (AHMP), based in Gilgit-Baltistan. He completed his B.Sc (Hons.) from the Department of Zoology, University of Karachi in 2008 and completed his M.Sc from the same institution in 2010, specializing in wildlife and fisheries management.

Currently he is enrolled as a PhD research scholar at the the Department of Zoology, University of Karachi. Part of his research includes surveying the diversity, distribution and conservation of the avian fauna of the Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP), the largest national park in Pakistan.

With a keen interest in research, Saeed decided to apply for further studies after his M.Sc degree and qualified for the M.S programme leading to a PhD. After completing the M.S course work in March 2011 he choose CKNP as the study area for his research work. …

S. Mehreen Shahzad

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Copy rights WWF-Pakistan

A nerd from the start, Mehreen used to participate keenly in WWF’s Spellathon, an environmental themed spelling competition, in school and is now working as the Head of Programme Development, WWF-Pakistan!

Mehreen’s interest in environmental conservation is a result of nature and nurture; as her parents are both outdoorsy and fond of animals, especially her mother who used to help her and her siblings rescue animals. …

Venom of Wealth

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© Alain Compost / WWF

I saw him spiritually falling apart

When we kept on stabbing his heavy heart

The million-lives-burdened heart kept on beating with a missed breath

Leaving him in a venomous state

His veins carried the “venom” to his eyes

While his eyes reminded him of the smoking spice

The smoke he lifted with every nod of head

The smoke that brought him milk and bread

That smoke surrounded his body with a threat

Showing him a lesson and a lifelong regret

His kilns, his emissions, his wealth in vain

Ancestors were ready to carry the business chain

The smoke with thorny blanket appeared in a…

How is Meat Industry Impacting Climate Change in Your Country?

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Copy rights WWF-Pakistan

When the circulating pattern of wind swirled around the room, there came through the open door an aroma of roses and delicious food. The strobing, blinking and twinkling lights added to the beauty of the hall. This was an extravagant wedding ceremony in the country.

The menu included; pieces of chicken, mutton chops, roast, beef steaks and gravy dripping over the carmalized skin of meat that provided plenty of options to eat with a number of different salads.

No matter how much of an environmental enthusiast you are , no matter how much you are fed up with the arguments of being eco-friendly or not, people around you will still choose money over environment. Without the smallest pang of doubt, people overlook this annual rate of extravaganza. Is this really necessary, one wonders? It is a reflection of our choices and our lifestyles. Food choices plays an important role in the development of a country. While it is unethical to waste food, a country like Pakistan, especially cannot afford to do so, as many people are struggling to get access to the basic needs. …

Celebrating Guardians of the Wildlife

Manzoor Ahmad along with another wildlife official, Constable Mushtaq from the special squad in Gujranwala region, Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, was shot dead by poachers involved in illegal hunting of migratory birds in Sialkot on 20 September 2017. He is survived by an elderly mother, a wife and seven children one of which is in early schooling years.

Manzoor was stationed at the Punjab Wildlife and Park Department in Punjab, Pakistan as Wildlife Inspector in the special squad, dedicated to monitor and intercept poaching and illegal hunting. …

Claiming Responsibility Towards Our City Spaces

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Copy rights belong to the authors

Consider for a moment if you woke up on a hot July day, already late for work. Disheveled and tired. There was no electricity all night. And all you desperately needed, was a cool shower to wake you up, to start your day right, to knock some sense back into your head. But the pipes run dry, your mouth feels coarse and your heart sinks — the water is gone!

Now imagine if that was every day, for an insatiable amount of time. How drastically our lives would change.

Recently, all of us have been bombarded with the news that by 2025 Pakistan’s water resources shall fail us. We’ve all read the posts on social media, even shared the pleas to conserve water. But it is high time we realize that “sharing” a post just isn’t enough, action is required and it is required right away to prepare us for what’s coming ahead. So my friend Shiza initiated an idea, and we decided to take a shift from our lazy weekend routine and spent part of the day in a refreshingly novel manner. …

Soil: The Life Beneath Our Feet!

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Copy rights WWF-Pakistan

Imagine for a moment, how dark and gloomy this world would be without deep blue oceans that hold a realm of wonders in their vast bounds, the tall green trees that embellish the land, the animals and birds that add color to its canvas and the flowers that adorn it with its enchanting fragrance!

Unfortunately, we seem to be headed in that direction as the planet is continuously changing because of detrimental human activities. There is no denying to the fact that overpopulation and uncontrolled industrial activity are the prime factors contributing to it. They have an irreversible impact on the environment which leads to climate change, soil degradation, global warming, and various forms of pollution. …



Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

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