GPT-3 Writes the News

‘Auto-generated code’ is a deservedly hyped use case for GPT-3 but, as a marketer, I think about content creation more broadly.

We have been experimenting with the GPT-3 beta at Crowdbotics and, like some others, we have already been able to produce some compelling results in natural-language-to-code applications. Tools incoportating this technology have the potential to be industry-changing. More interesting results with GPT-3 at Crowdbotics here.

That being said, GPT still has a ways to go before replacing software developers. However, GPT-3 is currently at parody with some forms of low- to -mid-end commercial content production. …

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Anand Kulkarni, CEO of Crowdbotics, sits down with Steve Lee, founder and CEO of Aura Health, to discuss A/B testing, consumer-oriented KPIs, making the leap into entrepreneurship, and using Crowdbotics to scale.

Aura is a mobile app that anyone can use to reduce anxiety and improve sleep in just three minutes. Aura uses deep learning to recommend content such as guided meditations, stories, and life coaching personalized to you and your emotional state.

Aura was started two years ago. Today, it has several million users and is a frequent top ten in the App Store Health & Fitness category.

Anand: I’d love to know a little bit about the early journey for Aura. How did you come up with the concept and get the application off the ground? …

Deploy a live application in minutes with a variety of popular frameworks.

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The Crowdbotics App Builder is live and, already, hundreds of apps have been built on the platform.

With the Crowdbotics App Builder, you can scaffold and deploy basic applications for popular languages and frameworks such as Django, ReactSwift, Node.js, and more.

The Crowdbotics App Builder handles time-consuming project setup and DevOps so you can jump right into building your app logic.

Try the Crowdbotics App Builder for free here.

How to become a contributing writer for Crowdbotics, plus editorial guidelines and best practices.

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Crowdbotics accepts contributing articles from writers on Medium.

Crowdbotics is looking for technical and how-to content for a variety of web applications categories and code frameworks including Blockchain, Browser Extensions, Dashboards, Voice-Enabled Applications, Online Payments, Django, Solidity, Swift, React, Node.js, Ruby, and more.

We’re also interested in content individuals leading technical teams or working on product strategy. For example, topics like,

  • Engineering project management
  • Sprint planning
  • Developer management and efficiency
  • High-level product planning
  • Remote work management
  • Strategic technology and framework choices

If you’re interested in writing for Crowdbotics, send your article idea (title and short summary) to editor [at] crowdbotics [dot] com.

Crowdbotics publishes on Medium. Here are the reasons why.

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Marketers, are you wondering whether you should publish your company blog as a Medium publication?

Medium has had its moments as a content platform for business and brands. It was greeted by marketers with skepticism, praised, over-praised, lambasted, and finally “abandoned”. Six years after launch, Medium has settled in as a mature product that can be evaluated more objectively, outside of the initial hype cycle. Medium has its pros and its cons as a blog platform for business.

As Director of Product Marketing and Growth at Crowdbotics, I chose to adopt a Medium-first blog strategy for our company blog because of Medium’s benefits in content distribution and post engagement — as well as a few other factors I’ll go into below. …

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Originally posted at

“Lead Generation” is a loaded term.

The latest research suggests that while more than 78 percent of companies have lead generation programs in place, only 17 percent are happy with the results. Why?

The answer is misaligned expectations.

In-house lead generation is time consuming and difficult to scale. As much as 20% of salespeople’s time is spent researching prospects themselves. That’s a full workday every week. When these same companies explore outside lead generation services, they are disappointed by the quality and scope of what is being billed as “lead generation.”

When you look at what lead generation companies actually do, it covers quite a wide range of services. For example, some lead generation companies take your existing contact database and try to warm up leads with cold calling, also called “lead nurturing.” Other companies do the exact opposite: they give you a list of cold contacts and expect you to sell to an industry-generic list. …

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Nir Eyal. Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.”

Originally written for LeadGenius.

Nir Eyal is a contributor for TechCrunch, Forbes, Psychology Today, and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and Fortune 500 companies. His writing lies at the intersection of intersection of psychology, technology, and business and encompasses user experience design, behavioral economics, and a dash of neuroscience. Nir is the best selling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

What is the “Hook Model”? Why is habit forming so important for customer engagement?

Hooks are experiences that connect users’ problems to a company’s solution with enough frequency to form a habit. Hooks are in all sorts of products we use with little or no conscious thought. …

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Even valid emails bounce sometimes. But, why?

You think you’ve done everything right: your message is relevant, the formatting is clean, your recipients have all opt-ed in. And yet, your email blast always comes back with what seems like a lot of bounces.

What are you doing wrong? The answer could be “nothing.”

Some bounces are inevitable. A marketer’s goal is reduction, not elimination. What matters is that you’re consistently improving.

A variety of factors contribute to overall email deliverability. Even permission-based email marketing services such MailChimp that require two-step authentication estimate that 10–20% of all email sent from their system are blocked from subscribers’ inboxes.

The first step towards reducing your bounce rate for sales and marketing emails is understanding why some emails don’t make it to the inbox. …

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Originally prepared for LeadGenius.

Painting the Golden Gate Bridge is a never-ending task.

We’re all familiar with the anecdote. A team of painters works full time to preserve the structural integrity of the Bridge as it’s perpetually besieged by salt-laden fog and time. A fresh coat of paint is not just for looks, it’s an essential maintenance function.

Finding high-quality leads is a topic continually discussed by B2B marketers, but what about preserving and improving those leads?

Lead generation is the first step — building the bridge. Lead Enrichment is the process of keeping that structure fit and functional.

Maintaining a large contact database can be like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. …

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The answer is “yes.” But, which kind?

In a recent LeadGenius webinar called “Lead Generation Best Practices” the question was asked, “We’re an early stage company. The idea of a growth hacker job role makes sense and we need our customer facing people be able to span multiple roles. Is this a good idea?”

There has been a lot of talk about “growth hacking” lately. The term is en vogue but no matter what you call it – growth hacking, lean marketing, marketing 3.0, sales 4.0 …


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