GPT-3 Writes the News

‘Auto-generated code’ is a deservedly hyped use case for GPT-3 but, as a marketer, I think about content creation more broadly.

We have been experimenting with the GPT-3 beta at Crowdbotics and, like some others, we have already been able to produce some compelling results in natural-language-to-code applications. Tools incoportating this technology have the potential to be industry-changing. More interesting results with GPT-3 at Crowdbotics here.

That being said, GPT still has a ways to go before replacing software developers. However, GPT-3 is currently at parody with some forms of low- to -mid-end commercial content production. …

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Anand Kulkarni, CEO of Crowdbotics, sits down with Steve Lee, founder and CEO of Aura Health, to discuss A/B testing, consumer-oriented KPIs, making the leap into entrepreneurship, and using Crowdbotics to scale.

Aura is a mobile app that anyone can use to reduce anxiety and improve sleep in just three minutes. Aura uses deep learning to recommend content such as guided meditations, stories, and life coaching personalized to you and your emotional state.

Aura was started two years ago. Today, it has several million users and is a frequent top ten in the App Store Health & Fitness category.

Anand: I’d love to know a little bit about the early journey for Aura. How did you come up with the concept and get the application off the ground? …

Deploy a live application in minutes with a variety of popular frameworks.

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The Crowdbotics App Builder is live and, already, hundreds of apps have been built on the platform.

With the Crowdbotics App Builder, you can scaffold and deploy basic applications for popular languages and frameworks such as Django, ReactSwift, Node.js, and more.

The Crowdbotics App Builder handles time-consuming project setup and DevOps so you can jump right into building your app logic.

Try the Crowdbotics App Builder for free here.


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