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I agree with you, and it’s impossible to understand that kind of situation unless you’ve been in it yourself. I know I’m extremely lucky in that I haven’t been, so it’s especially incumbent on me not to underestimate how desperate so many lives are even in developed countries.

However, you say that “Telling a long term unemployed person about the great value of EU membership is not best way of getting them to vote to stay.” Again, I absolutely agree. But telling them that all their woes are a result of membership of the EU is simply a manipulative lie by the very people who are doing so little to relieve poverty in the first place. And it’s a lie which has been told over and over again for decades. This is why I avoid accusing Leave voters of stupidity as some Remain voters unfortunately do; the media pressure has been so full-on for so long that it’s a wonder that as many voted Remain as they did. For me, the simple fact is that this matter should never have been put to a popular vote. Few were able to decide with a clear head.

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