Dear me: this is what you’ll be doing this time next year

I’m a massive fan of making lists. Every time I go on a holiday, start or new job, or simply get a rush of inspiration, I go out and buy a fresh new notebook so I can fill it with ideas.

As a result I’ve got countless goals scribbled in a ridiculous number of pretty notebooks scattered all around my flat. Many are filled with good intentions: ‘learn to play the guitar’, while others actually came true (‘learn salsa in Cuba’).

This year, to streamline things a little, I’ve decided to write a letter to myself through the power of the internet. So, on the cusp of 2015, I’ve turned to a website calledfuturemeorg. In turn, it has promised to email me back the letter on the day of my choosing.

In 12 months’ time, on December 29, 2015, I’ll expect to receive the following letter in my inbox. Here’s hoping I actually achieve most of these goals — otherwise this is going to be mighty embarrassing.


Dear me in 12 months’ time,

OMG Larissa, is that really you? Gosh, you look so trim, so fit — look at your hair!! And hang on, who is that handsome man looking over your shoulder? Is that, noooo, it’s not Kelly Slater, is it??

OK, let’s not get too delusional. Here’s what you’re really going to have done this year:

1. So, you finally gave up Coca Cola

Oh Larissa, thank goodness you finally stopped drinking that rubbish. It’s weird — you actually love being fit and healthy, and yet you were still spending money pouring this stuff down your throat. Glad you finally gave it up. Think of the money you’re going to save on future fillings!

2. You curbed your travel habit (but only temporarily)

You’ve had a pretty good time up until now, haven’t you Larissa? All that jetsetting around the place. Remember that time you took five months off in a year and went to all sorts of crazy places like Nicaragua and Cambodia and Belize? Geez that was awesome. You kept it a bit more local this year, and rediscovered your tent, and some beautiful places in Australia. Until the end of the year, when you suddenly whizzed off to the US. But it didn’t actually cost all that much — thanks to these Frequent Flyer points you saved up! Next year, you’re off to Africa…

3. You got a little more organised

Ah, Larissa. Sometimes you are just a bit of a wally, especially in the kitchen. This year, you finally stopped disliking the supermarket and the kitchen — probably because you planned your meals in advance. You also went to the market every fortnight, and cooked big batches of delicious food. Not only did you cut down your supermarket visits, but you also started eating better (and saved quite a bit of money!).

4. You bought a new place!

It seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but then you realised that despite being a freelancer, your income was steadier than you thought. A clever friend reminded you that you’d never been out of work, so why all the worry? However you did start invoicing your clients more frequently. Remember that time you were a bit slack and had $10,000 owing? Not good.

Anyway, congrats on saving hard to buy your new place. You’re happy there, in cycling distance of the city, and you’re getting Airbnb guests by the truckload.

You still owe the bank a lot, but you’ve since devised all sorts of schemes to save money, while still living a great life.

5. You stopped comparing

For a while there (just now and then, mind), you were getting a bit disheartened. Everyone was getting married and having babies, and buying houses in the suburbs. You were actually really pleased for them but you did feel a bit left behind. But then, guess what? You stopped caring, and just did whatever the hell made you happy. This year you’ve become a gun surfer, improved your salsa dancing and met some interesting new people. Of course, you still catch up with your old mates all the time too.

6. You started making money from your blog

It was more work than you thought, but your blog started to really take off, especially when your nice readers (hint, hint) started sharing your posts around. You’ve met some really inspirational folk this year Larissa, and learnt heaps of new things. For instance, you worked out what Instagram was, ha! Who’d have thought you’d ever enjoy writing hashtags? #notme

Hope you have a lovely 2016!

Larissa x