How digital certificates can benefit your business?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readNov 7, 2021

We all know that certificates are credentials which a person receives for some achievement or contribution. Nowadays, certificates are offered for almost every kind of task, be it some little contribution to the society or some organization to attending events or learning new skills. Amid the pandemic, trillions of certificates were issued and circulated across the globe by different organizations to people who connected with them in some way or for some benefit, like attending webinars, learning new skills, working remotely, etc. With this exceptional wave in digital certification, digital certificates have become a major factor to boost your business in many ways.

Conventional way of issuing and providing a certificate involved a lot of cost due to printing. Digital certificates save these expenses as there is no printing process involved at the company end. The issuing authority’s sole responsibility is to create a template for the certificates and then update it with any number of candidates’ details. It also involves less labour costs. Thus, digital certificates can save a big amount of money.

2️⃣Boost reach-
Digital certificates can be shared with anyone in any part of the world over the internet. Thus, companies can hire employees from distant locations and share their certificates with them without any trouble. Similarly, different organizations can share different kinds of certificates worldwide for different activities like attending online sessions, etc.

3️⃣Create awareness-
Digital certificates creates awareness about a company on internet. Digital certificates are shared by people on their social media profiles like LinkedIn, facebook, Instagram, etc. This helps people to know about a company and chances are always there for having a rise in clients.

4️⃣Avoids forgery-
Verifiable digital certificates avoid fraudulent cases with documents. In recent years, millions of cases have had been witnessed concerning forgery of documents for jobs or admissions. A verifiable certificate carries a unique verification credential. Thus, it is always easy to identify its authenticity. Now about verification, GiveMyCertificate offers document verification service for all kinds of documents i.e. degrees, appointment letters, certificates, etc. With GiveMyCertificate’s trusted services, companies and institutions can make their documents verifiable or individuals can make their unverifiable documents verifiable even themselves.

These are some of the ways in which digital certificates can benefit your business, no matter if it is an established one or just a start up. So start using digital certificates and don’t forget to make them verifiable. Visit