How GiveMyCertificate’s Karma Score justifies your hard work?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readNov 6, 2021


Since our childhood to the present day, we earn a lot of certificates for various achievements. For some, it does not matter much but to some people, keeping record of every achievement is a hobby and passion as well. As they grow up, their interest in collecting certificates progresses every day. They never let any opportunity to go waste. And by the time such people reach graduation level, they already have a good collection which constantly encourages them to do more and more. All this takes a lot of hard work and efforts. But eventually, they have to taste the bitterness of the situation when they realize that most of their certificates are useless – maybe during a job interview or somewhere else.

Taking an average index, if a person has 50 certificates concerning different achievements at elementary level and some qualifications, only 4-5 of them are considered by employers during a job hiring process. This is obvious because even if the certificates are verifiable, no organization has enough time to verify all certificates from all the applicants. Moreover, some of these certificates are not even necessary for any kind of job.

To relieve this pain, GiveMyCertificate has introduced the “Karma Score”, a unique score that justifies all your efforts and achievements, regardless of their level and recognition. GiveMyCertificate is a certificate verifying company which creates and delivers verifiable digital certificates for any kind of service. Till now, GiveMyCertificate has delivered over 2.7million verifiable documents.

Coming back to karma score, it is generated based on your certificates that you earn and verify on GiveMyCertificate. Every certificate or any other credential that you verify gets added to your profile. And based on the category and relevance of the document, a score is generated. This score can later be used in resumes, which helps organizations to identify and separate intended individuals without going through the sluggish process of checking certificates and making time consuming lists.

GiveMyCertificate’s karma score is indeed a revolutionary idea which counts every contribution of an individual. Check out their services on