How to create a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Majid Ali Ganai
3 min readNov 22, 2021


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application which is used for delivery of educational courses. People who wish to teach online use LMSs for administration, tracking, automation and delivery of their content. This makes their jobs easier and has also opened doors for many people who are willing to earn money from their homes by sharing their valuable knowledge and experience with people online. Some popular examples of LMSs are Udemy, Internshala, and Coursera and so on.

An LMS works just like a normal website. Many instructors and learners register on LMSs to teach and learn. So an LMS is actually a SaaS i.e. Software as a Service and creating an LMS of your own can be a great idea for starting your own business. But the question on hand here is that how to create an LMS?

There are many website builders which can be used to create blogging sites, shopping stores, and so on. But wordpress, as always, has been the most popular SaaS for the job. The spotlight fact that wordpress is totally free to use makes it so popular that around 40-41% of websites currently on internet are created using wordpress. You can make any type of website using it and thus, even building an LMS is possible here.

You just need the right theme and plugins, connect it to woo-commerce (wordpress’s ecommerce service) and do some settings. Once your LMS is ready, you can upload your own courses for sale and even other people can register on your LMS to sell their courses. So, with an LMS, you don’t just earn by making your own sales but you also receive some percentage share from others’ courses also.
Before you start creating your LMS, you need to come up with a name for your website and then buy a domain name and hosting service (woo-commerce hosting recommended) from a genuine provider like Godaddy. Once done, you need to install wordpress on your hosting account.

Now below are the plugins and theme recommended for creating an LMS easily using wordpress:

Theme: Gutenwp
Plugins: WP page builder, Tutor, Woocommerce

Firstly, you need to install the Gutenwp theme and activate it, followed by installing and activating the plugins mentioned above. Then you can start creating your pages, uploading your courses and setting up payment methods. Note that you must have the basic wordpress knowledge like installing themes, creating pages, using woo-commerce, making integrations, etc. to work on such a project.

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