How to send webinar certificates online?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readJan 19, 2022

We all know what a certificate is. Certificates are created and delivered everyday for various tasks. These certificates on sharing over different platforms increase the presence of an organization. However, all certificates do not carry the same value and same authenticity. In recent years, many fraudulent cases were witnessed. Thus it has become a need to create and send verifiable certificates.

GiveMyCertificate is a document verification company which not only provides verifiable certificates but any kind of document can be verified here. Till now, 1000+ organizations have collaborated with GiveMyCertificate for verifiable documents, and over 2.7 million documents have been sent by the company. These figures clearly show the genuineness and reliable services of GiveMyCertificate.

If you are planning to organise a webinar, it is obvious that you need to provide certificates, and their value is enhanced if they are verifiable, eventually increasing the probability of more attendees. With GiveMyCertificate, it’s pretty simple to create and send certificates. Just follow the steps.

1. Collect the data from your recipients like name, email address, etc. using a google form. After receiving all the responses, click on the “Responses” tab and click on the spreadsheet icon. By this, all the responses will be saved as a spreadsheet. Save this spreadsheet as a CSV file which is to be uploaded on your GMC dashboard later.

2. After collecting data from your attendees, create a certificate design template using any designing app or software. The easiest way we recommend is using Canva.

3. It is obvious that you need a dashboard of your own for managing your certificates and data. So first of all, create an account on

4. After registering, you now need to create an organization on your dashboard. For reference, you can click here to watch GMC dashboard tutorial. You can make multiple organizations in your dashboard.

5. Create your webinar event under your organization for generating certificates. The event name is similar to the event you are hosting so it could appear on the certificate.

6. Now you need to upload the design template you created and also specify where a participant’s name would appear.

7. After the template is uploaded, you are now required to upload the CSV file containing the details of participants. With these details and the template uploaded, certificates are generated for each participant and are ready to be delivered.

In these simple steps, you can overcome the hassle of creating and sending certificates individually. After receiving the certificate, every recipient can verify it using GiveMyCertificate’s embedded QR code.

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