What are the benefits of verifying your certificates and documents with GiveMyCertificate?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readNov 12, 2021

GiveMyCertificate has become a popular name regarding document verification. It is a startup company which has grown at an unexpected pace right after its launch, delivering over 2.7 million verified documents to over 1000+ organizations in 14 months.

Collecting certificates to mark your milestones is a good hobby. But your collection is not impressive if it doesn’t have a great value. We are well aware of the fact that using false documents is an illegal yet usual practice. Cases concerning involvement of individuals in documents’ forgery are very common. Therefore, to deal with this situation, many institutions and organizations have started delivering verifiable documents to students and employees, be it certificates, recommendation letters, certificates, appointment letters, etc.

During the covid at its pinnacle, billions of certificates were provided to people worldwide by different organizations (established and startup) for various activities like completing skill-based courses, working remotely, attending sessions and training workshops, volunteering, etc. But very few of them are verifiable and hence it is not easy for the holders to prove authenticity of their credentials. This has also helped in spreading awareness about verifiable certificates.

GiveMyCertificate has become a trusted name with many benefits. Their services are economical for any kind of business. Moreover, if you are planning to organize an event, GiveMyCertificate not only helps to create and deliver verifiable certificates to your attendees but also provide analysis features to plan and strategise your future events and ensure better reach along with an advertising aid and liberty to manage all the processes i.e. registration, certificate verification and delivery.

For those who receive documents verified by GiveMyCertificate, the biggest advantage is the “Karma Score”, a unique score that justifies all your efforts and achievements. Every verified certificate or any other credential that you verify yourself gets added to your profile. And based on the category and relevance of the document, a score is generated. This score can later be used in resumes, which helps organizations to identify and separate intended individuals without going through the sluggish process of checking certificates and making time consuming lists.

It is always better to create and share certificates online rather than using paper to print them. So go digital, and make it even better with GiveMyCertificate. Visit https://www.givemycertificate.com/ for more information.