Why do you need a verifiable certificate?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readOct 31, 2021

A verifiable certificate, as it says, is a certificate which can be verified. Such certificates bear a code which works as the verification credential for the certificate. This code is usually termed as certificate ID. Verifiable certificates are of more worth when compared to normal certificates which students keep collecting. So it is important for students to keep checks on the validation of their certificates and equally necessary for organizations which offer certificates for different tasks and courses.

In recent years, both need and demand for verifiable certificates has risen with the malpractice of creating fake certificates. There are students out there who are burning the sheep to improve their horizon and ability. They attend training programs, informative webinars and opt for costly courses, and collect certificates as proofs for their accomplishments. But many people generate fake certificates and use it later on to prove accomplishments which they never made. Such fraudulent cases have become common with e-certificates. Due to this, trust of students is getting moved towards organizations delivering certificates with a verification ID and also, many educational companies are approaching organizations that create verifiable certificates.

GiveMyCertificate is one of such organizations which not only create verifiable certificates but their concept of ‘karma score’ also makes it easier to keep track of all the accomplishments of a person. It is evident that every certificate collected cannot be carried around while applying for jobs to highlight experiences and skills. The ‘karma score’ is actually a score which is generated based on a person’s accomplishments and certificates, and thus can be used to easily highlight the value of each credential. It helps a person to make each of his/her certificates valuable. Moreover, the services are convenient, faster and economical. All the work from generating and validating to delivering the certificates is handled by GiveMyCertificate itself and much faster than other service providers.

GiveMyCertificate does not compromise over the authenticity of a certificate. No matter if the clients need certificates for some attendees or interns or some course students, each and every certificate goes through a proper validation process. Till now, GiveMyCertificate has helped many companies and communities from every domain to deliver hundreds of properly authenticated certificates, along with free advertising service. These services are free for students’ groups and also for big companies for a year. With these features and outstanding service, GiveMyCertificate is emerging as one of the largest certificate verifiers.

Thus, if you are planning to organize any event, or if you have to deliver certificates for your course or internship, check out GiveMyCertificate’s incredible service at www.givemycertificate.com