Why GiveMyCertificate is the best choice for verifying your certificates?

Majid Ali Ganai
2 min readOct 31, 2021

At present, whenever someone plans to organize an event, the organizer is already acquainted to the process of delivering certificates and the forgery cases which are witnessed with certificates which are not verifiable. So GiveMyCertificate is the best option at service if you are planning to organize an event. You can take registrations from the platform itself and deliver verifiable certificates after the event. This helps in managing the events without any hassle. GiveMyCertificate's services are satisfactorily economical, even for small communities and new start-ups. You can start with the free plan for demo and witness their service yourself.

There are no unnecessary formalities or any documentation problem. The issuing authority is only supposed to provide a list of the recipients (in excel sheet format) and the certificate design. Rest is taken care by GiveMyCertifcate itself, from generating certificates to sending them, with just one click.

The most unique feature which makes GiveMyCertificate stand out is their concept of ‘Karma Score’. It is a score which represents all the achievements of an individual, accomplished in schools and colleges. This is very useful because most of the accomplishments are not recognized by employers when people go for jobs. This means most of the certificates which they earn with hard work become useless and all the efforts they had put in accomplishing those feats are neglected. The “Karma score” prevents this and turns all the accomplishments into a score by verifying all the certificates belonging to a person, which can be shown to any employer later on by using it in his/her resume.

There are some websites where students find courses to embellish their skill set. These websites look better when a certificate is generated right at the moment when a course reaches completion. If you own such a website and wish to verify and deliver certificates from there, you can use GiveMyCertificate’s API integration service and your customers will receive verifiable certificates on completing every course. Moreover, their services are not limited to certificates, but you can even make verifiable degrees, offer letters, recommendation letters, etc.

Till now, GiveMyCertificate have 1000+ organizations and delivered over 2,700,593 legit and verifiable documents. And with all these being e-documents, they have saved over 1,125 trees. So join GiveMycertificate and save your time, efforts and environment also. Visit https://www.givemycertificate.com