Beta List featured us! Here are the results!

We are extremely excited to say that we were featured on Beta List ( on Sunday 21st December. We hope this is just the beginning!

A few surprises for us from Beta List:

· Geographic locations: We knew that Beta List had a global appeal but couldn't fathom the reach. People from 67 countries (Source: Google Analytics) viewed our page some of which include: India, USA, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada and The Netherlands.

· Sign Ups: The maximum number of sign ups came on the day we were featured but people are still signing up! Till now we have had 65 sign ups and hope this goes up to 100. Our page views have drastically increased to 230 the day we were featured!

· Focused crowd: We can’t emphasize this enough. Users go to Beta List to find the next big product and it just makes our life that much easier knowing that we are working with a focused crowd of early adopters.

· Budget: For a bootstrapped product managing budget is a key. We could have spent a lot of money to get these 65 sign ups if we would have advertised online. Money saved is money earned!

· Post feature support: Marc has been fantastic in his approach. He is quick to respond and gives the right information needed. After we were featured, he sent us tips for what we should do next and how we can keep our users engaged.

· Other benefits: We suddenly have a few ‘influencers’ that are following us on Twitter!

Please get in contact, if anyone would like to feature Protolution; the new crowd sourced social way of testing product prototypes.

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Product Hunt next? Maybe..