Everything Is Planned

It is for sure that we may come across multiple situations in our life which are hypothetical in nature. A situation where we might surely not know what’s going to be the outcome, but we manage to experiment or a make random guess and choose a path which we believe is going to be the most appropriate based on the conditions at that moment. But we all know that the outcome may either be positive or negative based on every ones perspective. When the outcome is not in our favor it is for sure that we are going to regret and vice-versa and that’s a fact. I don’t have anything to contradict this. But in time, I have come to a realization that everything is planned, either for what’s going to be good or for what’s going to be bad. Everything is provident. Some of you’ll might put is on destiny, but as a theist I strongly believe that it’s God’s will. After what I have face in these couple of days I have come to an understanding and realization which has made me a person who I am right now. I surely don’t know whether the change is positive or negative, but I do believe that it has made some difference in my life and I am pretty sure that it will be quite evident to everyone.