Happiness Hack: This One Ritual Made Me Much Happier
Nir Eyal

Great stories in this article, I love the first one — I had my own experience as a New York newbie. We rented a sketchy sublet and one day found our clothes outside and new locks on the door. When we went to the mid-town police station and complained about the injustice of it all, the officer said, somewhat impatiently, “Where are you girls from, East Cupcakeville?” I digress, but you were kinda East Cupcakeville-ites, asking New Yorkers to come meet you. Like they would…

I think your ‘one ritual’ is great, but I can see this same technique working with colleagues as well. Instead of everyone eating at their desks or hunched over their phones in the lunchroom or canteen, create the same kind of lunchtime office kibbutz. Throw out a topic so people know it’s not just more ‘work talk’.

Wonder if it would work? OK, maybe not in New York, but other places?

Thanks Nir!

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