PSL Schedule 2020 and the Social Media Dangers

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Feb 5 · 3 min read
PSL Schedule 2020
PSL Schedule 2020

It was only about time that social media takes their shot on PSL schedule 2020. That is why just a few weeks before the beginning of PSL 2020, social media has begun to speculate. Many experts are already saying that out of all the troubles that PSL can face social media scandals are by far the biggest. Although their impact fades after a few weeks some scandals can go on to ruin careers.

The reason behind such speculation is the fact that PSL is maturing to become a true franchise. As we have seen time and time again, such series when held close to origin invite a few shady characters. Moreover, Pakistan has had its own fair share of controversies and because of that, it has lost a lot more than some realize. This widely took place in a time when social media was not as prevalent as it is now.

Not a Force to be Reckoned With

During the world cup 2019 Pakistan’s national team was hit by a major controversy. This controversy became so big that the private lives of the players were in jeopardy. Where many fans came out to defend their idols, others were quick to join the critics. Such moments are the ones that truly show the destructive part of social media influence. Therefore, this can be a huge factor during the PSL 2020 schedule, which the officials have to keep a lid on.

PSL Schedule 2020
PSL Schedule 2020

It is clear without a doubt that Pakistan’s national players are not the most subtle when it comes to social media. There is probably not even a single one that can safely navigate his way around it. Umer Akmal and Ahmad Shahzad are among the most infamous players in present media. Both of them are infamous not because the media takes a shot at them. But because they may not have a clear understanding of their own public image.

PSL Schedule 2020 and Safety Measures

Due to the recent events, the PSL officials are implementing a social media strategy. This strategy will ensure that no players come under the media canons and makes some uncertain actions. Pakistan is going to receive a lot of international players, who are going to stay under protection. But within this protection, they are going to connect with the local people. This will bring a lot of positive image to Pakistan and other international players.

PSL Schedule 2020
PSL Schedule 2020

The PSL schedule 2020 is under speculation, but all those speculations are vanishing day by day. The danger of social media is a clear and present danger. This danger may not have an impact on international players. But Pakistan’s own may not be so lucky and can suffer some negative consequences. To ensure the later does not come to pass, PSL officials are going to take some drastic measures.

Hopefully, if all goes well PSL 2020 is going to be a huge game-changer for Pakistan. This will once again populate the stadiums which have been sitting empty for decades.

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