PSL Scheduled 2020 and the Hype on Social Media

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Jan 30 · 3 min read

After the announcement of the PSL schedule 2020, there was hype on social media for this event. Many fans are eager to see their favorite stars in action during the PSL season. In addition, the inclusion of two new venues are going to spread the cricket spirts to new parts of the country. The fans Multan Sultans are over hype. As now they not only have a team but a stadium to see them in action as well. Like this, many other cities are now dreaming of getting their share of action as well.

There are many sponsorships contracts underway waiting for the international players to sign them. The preparations are in full swing to benefit as greatly from this event as possible. Many relevant industries are in line to reap the benefits of their years of support for PSL. While the marketing industry is going to be among the ones that gaining the most benefit from PSL 2020. But no matter who gains or loses, the fans of the sport are among the top piers that would decide the fate of PSL 2020.

The Hype on Social Media

Many experts believe that hyping PSL 2020 beforehand can have some negative consequences. If the series fails to deliver according to the expectations of the fans. Then this will quickly turn into a disaster, which will affect the future of PSL in Pakistan. Such a thing is clearly not worth betting so many resources and time on. One wrong move can throw away years of hard work and will empty the playing fields for another decade.

Many critics are skeptical of the event and believe that PSL schedule 2020 has more to go wrong than right. Social media they believe is one of the biggest threats to the event, as it is growing to become ruthless. Many of the present national players have received their share of negative reception on social media. Ahmed Shahzad, Umer Akmal, and Hassan Ali are some of the recent examples of negative perception.

Restricting Social Media

It is impossible to restrict social media, but players, however, refrain from it during the series. During the PSL schedule 2020, the scandals are going to be buzzing around like flies. Therefore, the officials have to be one of their toes to avoid the potentially harmful ones. Indian Premier League is facing many setbacks due to some social media controversies. This is causing them millions is restitutions and some players even suffer career threating events.

PSL 2020 is going to be the biggest event in the history of Pakistan cricket. That is why there is no prime example present for it to take inspiration from. The only thing close enough to the PSL schedule 2020 is some of the previous finals. But those two were not up to the caliber and hype that PSL 2020 has for itself. That is why critics believe that there are thousands of ways that PSL 2020 may not work. But only a handful of ways that it might just work for Pakistan and for cricket.

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