Don’t Miss the Patent Train

Blink and Fail!

Time is not on your side when it comes filing a

non-provisional patent application.

Move quickly, think even faster and develop a plan of action before you hit that send button. Twelve months flash by your monitor faster than you can gather social network support, so prime your connections and take decisive action. Activate your invention validation tools, raise awareness, form partnerships, build a prototype and don’t let those 12 months cripple your potential.

Those 12 months come up pretty quickly and there is a need to move forward with some sense of urgency, so you can’t afford to sit on your idea, you must push forward and see if it’s commercially viable. Within a year, you should at least know if it has potential and if so, have raised money for a non-provisional patent application through Crowdfunding, which serves a dual purpose, validate your invention and empower you with cash to move the idea forward.

In the age of Crowdfunding, early validation of ideas and pre-selling, it’s not realistic to simply rely on the old world of wowing one person (organization) in hopes to captivate their interest and raise money. Inventors can quickly determine if their idea/invention has potential without burning too much cash, especially $10,000 on a non-provisional patent application, and worse even marketing campaigns. The provisional patent application approach is not a silver bullet, but it’s a viable option for those virgin inventors that want to start without killing their 401k.

Start Priming Today!

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