I Can’t Tell You, but it’s Great!

An NDA won’t protect you, but a patent will…

Free your idea, let it breath the fresh air of business analysis and don’t be afraid to share it after you apply for a provisional patent application. The world doesn’t know how great it is if it’s only secure in your brain. Open the windows of communication and let your piers give it that ray of sunshine it needs!

Today, I spoke with an independent inventor from Minnesota who has the next gizmo in sports. Mr. Creative insisted he had a billion dollar idea that would revolutionize the way sports fans appreciate their games.

Fantastic Mr. Creative, let’s have it, what is it? I can’t tell you he replied. And this is how most conversations end when it comes to disclosing great ideas. Don’t let this happen to you, apply for a provisional patent application and pitch freely. Share your creation, unlock it from the depths of your brain and let it gallop the land of commercial analysis.

You can keep your idea a secret, but really, are there any left!? Apply for a patent today and talk freely.

Push to Patent.

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