NativeScript Plugins — A Deep Dive Quick Video Reference

NativeScript Developer Days 2017 took place in New York City on September 18–19. The nStudio team presented an hour and a half long deep dive presentation on various NativeScript plugin development details. Topics ranging from AndroidManifest, Android Activities, Java Interfaces, iOS development overview, CocoaPod integration, Swift handling, Plugin layout, Metadata generation for 3rd party integrations, tips/tricks and much more on NativeScript plugin development are covered.

To make this long and detailed presentation easier to pick and pull from, here is a quick link reference guide:

Android specifics by Brad Martin

Android + NativeScript by Brad Martin

Apple specifics by Nathan Walker

iOS + NativeScript by Nathan Walker

Plugin Details — A further look by Nathanael Anderson

iOS Plugin Details by Nathanael Anderson

Android Plugin Details by Nathanael Anderson

More Plugin Details by Nathanael Anderson

We hope this helps explain a few topics which can be hard to remember.

If you are interested in a step by step guide to iOS/Objective C/Swift and Android/Java plugin integrations with NativeScript please refer to this course:

For courses covering a range of NativeScript topics please enjoy:

For bite sized tips (some include video) on various NativeScript topics please enjoy:

To play around with NativeScript right in the browser to your phone please enjoy:

Have fun!