How to Play AduQ Online

Wyanet Calesthane
Sep 5 · 3 min read

Understanding AduQ Online
Online gambling is the same as gambling directly. The difference is that online gambling is done online through online gambling dealers. In the online gambling site there is a casino where gambling players play. In the casino there are many gambling tables with a variety of games to choose from. One of the games in online casinos is AduQ online which is very popular these days and is widely played by gamblers on online gambling sites. This is because the online AduQ game is very easy and also uses dominoes that are familiar to gamblers in Indonesia.

This AduQ game is different from domino QQ cards even though it is the same as using dominos. In this online aduQ game there will be lots of gambling tables provided with different buy-in values. Each table can be filled by 2 to 8 people in one round. Then each player will get two cards from the dealer which then must be calculated in value according to the sphere printed on both cards. The winner is the player who has the highest number of cards. This game is very simple indeed but many players are addicted even though they have lost many times, especially when successfully winning the game.

How to Play AduQ Online
The concept of this aduQ game is very simple so how to play it is very easy. For gambling players who are familiar with this game, they must understand the ease of playing. For beginners, learning this game is also quite easy and can be directly practiced. When you have logged in to an online gambling site and made a deposit, select the gambling table to play aduQ. Lots of tables are provided with different buy-in values, players can choose freely as long as there are still empty seats at the table. After that, choose a seat and issue a bet according to the value of the bet at the selected table.

After all players have issued their bets, the dealer will deal two cards to each player. Then the player only needs to add up the value of the card he has. In this AduQ game the highest value is 9 so if the number of cards more than 9 is seen the last digit. For example, player A gets cards 5 and 6, then the number is 11. Because there are two digits, then the last digit is 1. So player A only gets a value of 1. The winner is the one who has the highest number of other players. If there are two people with the same value, then the log will be seen from the two players and the winner is the one with the highest value.

AduQ Online Tips and Tricks
Basically, this AduQ online game relies more on luck. But that doesn’t mean players can’t play tricks when playing. It is no longer a secret that every gambling player must have their own tricks to win as well as in this online AduQ game. When you want to play, be sure to bring lots of money at least 10 times the value of the buy in table chosen. Then choose the table with the lowest buy-in to play it safe. Thus, even if you lose a bet you will not lose too much money. Don’t be too cool playing until you run out of money. If you have lost or won at one table, move to another table.