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Despite some minor (and some major) hiccups, Marvel’s Avengers has the chance to be a huge force in the action RPG/looter genre

Okay, hear me out. No no, don’t leave just yet! I know Marvel’s Avengers has been getting some fairly bad press over the last couple of weeks, from the Spider-Man debacle to various performance issues. But before you listen to the naysayers, do yourself a favor and try the game out yourself.

After hearing about all the performance issues over the PS4 closed beta last weekend, I was starting to get a bit worried. Despite being pretty excited to play the game myself, all of the negative press was a bit off-putting. There was a common thread I was noticing, however. Much of the negative feedback was either from press outlets that didn’t seem to actually play long enough to unlock some of the more varied movesets of the characters or an echo chamber of negativity from people who hadn’t even played the game yet. …


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