Well, just as power corrupts, I can see how extreme wealth could also and am not doubting that…
Elle Beau

I am not perfect, either. I’m about to go on the first actual vacation of my life, a multi-week trip that will cost as much as it would to feed 11 or 12 senior citizens in need in my city. This would be about 9000 meals for people who are in rather desperate need of them, as in, those who do not get these meals tend to become frail and sickly as a result of their inability to get food. They end up in hospital, usually.

So on the one hand I have a self-indulgant trip where I’ll see mountains and trees and lakes and stuff, and on the other hand I have life-preserving nutrition for people in real need. There is, then, no merit to my trip. It is selfishness. Morally speaking I should take that money and use it to protect the life and health of those in need. In this case I won’t, though. My wife and I will take this trip and see the pretty things. I will forever own that decision and the moral failing it implies. It is wrong to indulge myself on unnecessary things when there are people suffering so greatly. I have no right to let others suffer while I go play.