Never Buy a Bentley, and Other Important Advice
John Mashni

Not buying a Bentley is terrible advice. You should always buy the Bentley. Buy it because it isn’t a car, it’s a token of power in a world so gutted of substance that there are only increasingly larger tokens of power, and that is is. That is what success means: big tokens of power. Buy the Bentley because if the Bentley isn’t worth buying then it wasn’t worth starting the start-up to begin with. If the Bentley isn’t worth it then all that work and sacrifice wasn’t worth it. All business is is the conversion of time and human effort into material tokens of power like Bentley’s, so to refuse the Bentley is to refuse the fundamental purpose of sacrificing one’s life and the lives of others on the altar of business success. What else could there possibly be to life except buying the Bentley? Of what use is all that human misery if not to buy the Bentley?