My Drunk History Review

Love is extraordinary. At often, love can be complicated and hard to maintain. This deep affection for one another can has been shown through one’s understanding of love. This gap exists within the concept of love as love is abstract. Although feelings produce hardships and mixed emotions, love is a cycle. Why? Because to love is to receive and give happiness. To fulfill this cycle of love a balance is required. As passion can be uncontrollable; guidelines, boundaries, and respect are what keeps love stable. What would you do for love? Would you throw away your dreams? 
The story of Edith Burghart formerly Reynolds isn’t just a story about falling for a man it was the story of losing her legacy to a man. Which sadly would fail at this time because feminism wasn’t around. Compared today where women jump on Trump, not literally, when something he does affects everyone. Burghart was the founder and creator of The New York Times, but she handed it to Henry Jarvis Raymond because women could have that much credit and she wanted this paper to succeed. However, in return besides his love, she wanted to be a journalist. Instead, be the weasel of a man Raymond gave her a lower level position at the company. When he died, Burghart left the company because she thought about him too much. This episode of Drunk history aired May 18, 2017, on Comedy Central. Weird celebrities and people that you might think you know getting drunk and filming something from history. This show makes an alcoholic want to drink again because there is no way you can watch this sober; if you haven’t seen drunk history then here’s the breakdown. It’s like being the only sober person in your friend group. However some people like being sober, but like it’s better when you are drunk so that you can connect with the speaker. Why is drinking and learning about Edith Burghart significant? It’s not, drinking makes you sick while, on the other hand, you’re learning about who came up with the idea of The New York Times. For argument, stake grab a beer get drunk with all your friends and watch My Drunk History on Comedy Central.