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If there’s anything that can be said about 2020, it’s that these times have such great dissonance. More than 8% of the country is unemployed, hundreds of thousands of small businesses are closing permanently, and the stock market has been rallying to all-time highs — one is unlike the other.

To whom it concerns —

My name is Noah Weidner and I’m a senior at the University of Kentucky studying strategic communication. Like most people, I love my university and I want my university to be successful, impactful, accessible, and progressive. I am a proud Wildcat and I always will be. This makes me all the more passionate about being a stark critic of my university and what it is doing for its students.

In the Spring 2020 semester, thousands of colleges across the United States moved to purely online instruction after the outbreak of COVID-19. In the Fall of 2020, a large percentage of post-secondary institutions look to return to in-person instruction. …

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If you had to ask an artist where they’d prefer their audience growth to come from, they’d probably say something like Apple Music, Deezer, or Spotify. …


Noah Weidner


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