A photo of a photo of my beautiful mother in her college days

I recently introduced two close friends to each other, and from there, Friend A continuously raved about Friend B.

Friend B tried to stop Friend A from becoming a fan because she was afraid that I’d become jealous (fearful of losing my friend to her). Interestingly, I was not.

I assured Friend B that it was cool to guiltlessly bask in all the admiration she deserved, and she responded with:

How come you don’t get jealous? Were you always that way, or is that new?

It was something I had to think about, and I realized that I couldn’t be…

Image: Freepik.com

I get bored sometimes, so I decided to take up my second degree in Puerto Rico. The idea was to go there and become a fluent Spanish speaker in a year or two.

But what I didn’t anticipate was that Puerto Ricans on the academic scene are pretty much bilingual. And even if they don’t speak English, most can read and understand it well.

This reality means that if I don’t feel like it, I can go days without having to speak a word in Spanish. In other words, it takes deliberate effort for me to practice my Spanish.


Wyndi Ambrose

Freelance journalist/writer based in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico— Contact: wyndiambrose@gmail.com

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