I write one of these every year. I read last year’s and was slightly amused how serious I sounded. But this is typical of me, I oscillate between thinking I take myself too seriously and not taking myself seriously enough.

Perhaps it is the consequence of reading too many psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and zen books – in recent times I have found myself observing myself in a third-party observer mode. Maybe it is the start of developing true empathy and compassion for myself. It is not the self-pity and outrage I am accustomed to, but a sort of sadness and acceptance in noticing my behavioural patterns and understanding why they are the way they are. …

This essay is divided into three parts. The first part is on history and context, second part is on how I want to develop psychologically, third part is on what I actually hope to do.

The why

If you watch the series, it is obvious that having a lot is overwhelming. It seems so obvious on hindsight: every single thing we have will require our attention, whether on a conscious level or not. That applies not only to things, but to the way we live our life, the layers we’ve put on our selves, our relationships, our goals and expectations. …

To be honest, I am not sure how I want to write this. Maybe that is the point about 2018, a year when I discovered I am no longer sure about anything. I was not even sure whether I wanted to write this, because I am beginning to believe life shouldn’t really be about stock-taking. …


Winnie Lim

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