Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

You could not be more wrong. Ask the black people who voted for Trump — I did not, but I have spoken with quite a few— and to many, they’d rather have an honest racist than snakes like the Clintons who passed laws which ended black people in prison over nothing. It’s essentially cheap slave labor for large corporations, and there is nothing more horrifying. Bluster and offensive talk is abhorrent, but what the Clintons have already done in the White House is an absolute abomination. Stop oversimplifying the problems, stop letting the Clintons wail about racism when THEY are racists. They rigged the primaries, there is nothing more important to them than their ambitions, and derailing the problem of poor people — of EVERY color — suffering will only help Trump win again. Think about it — most of these states that flipped voted for Obama TWICE. Hillary brought LESS VOTERS out than a black man! This is clearly not about race whatsoever, and anyone who thinks it is needs to wake up and stop letting the Clintons control the narrative.

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