What’s Really Getting in the Way of Your Goals?

In World War II there’s a famous story of allied forces running short of spare parts.

They completely ran out of one part in particular — oil filters.

It amazes me, lacking just this one component was enough to ground the entire allied air force.

But Kiwi pilots dealt to their situation by poking little holes in old tin cans to make improvised oil filters. (Pretty cool, eh?)

As a result, they were the only planes in the air.

Find Your Problem

It’s a similar deal for us. There’s often just one thing getting in the way of success.

When you put your efforts in the wrong place, you burn limited time, energy, and money. I’ve done this many times!

That’s why, before expending lots of effort, it’s important ask yourself, what’s really the problem here?

When you find the right one — the one that’s really slowing you down — moving forward is usually easier than you think.

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Wynne Pirini

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