I have chosen the non-service learning track because I do not have a lot of time available after school and I want to see how the first semester goes in order for me to manage my free time with homework. Within this track I have decided to do the auto-ethnography, where I will uncover some of the stories from our diverse students. I have chosen this path because I want to see how much my peers and I have changed throughout the semester. I love to discuss new ideas and discover the changes in our lives. I plan to talk to my fellow peers and discuss our new lives as college freshmen. I will branch out from my group to discover how others are taking in this new experience. I will need to talk to people of varying backgrounds in order to conduct my research. I will start with my friends, then move on to my fellow classmates. Some questions I would like to answer are how they got here and how it differs or compares to how I got in to college? why they chose the University of Minnesota? how their lives have changed, or if they have remained constant? how college is compared to their high school? how are they dealing with the homework? what classes and how many credits are they taking and how that is affecting them? how they hope to become a part of their new college community? what college are they in? what their major will be and what? how have your views on life changed? what is the most difficult part about college and how have you overcome it? what do they enjoy the most about college? if they work? how their families view college and its purpose/significance? how you view college and its purpose/significance? do they feel homesick? how do they feel about their newfound independence? do they like their professors why or why not? is it hard for them to manage their time? what their experiences as a new Minnesotan? have they discovered their gopher pride? how is college going financially? how does it feel to be a commuter or a resident? how has the transition from home life to college life affected them? and how they would characterize themselves as a college student and how it compares or contrasts from me?

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