D. Wyn Price
Mar 23 · 2 min read

Till We Meet Again,
a poem by D. Wyn. Price, 2019

D’va and Jennifer, Image owned by D. Wyn. Price, 2019

Wearing scarlet at a funeral,
Laughing with the dead,
In my heart, you would have hated this,
You’re the reason I wore red.

Passion was your banner,
Laughter the music in your heart,
Forever didn’t last too long
Over before we start.

A sadistic archaic ritual,
And a roughness in my throat,
Never told me goodbye
And with you died all hope.

They say I should not cry,
That you’re in a better place,
Where is that without me?
God, I miss your face.

I was never meant to be a survivor,
For both of us you were strong,
I was the rebel without a clue,
Alone now that your gone.

Never told me you were leaving,
We never said goodbye,
On the path of life together,
Together ride or die.

And not I’m flying solo,
When all I want is to be back with you,
Too many need me,
When all I ever needed was you.

Absolved of responsibility,
Leave the respectable at the door,
Life was meant to be a banquet,
Now I’m empty at my core.

How do I live, how do I love,
What keeps me moving on,
Inside I continue to grieve,
and think of how your gone.

Wearing purple at my funeral,
Laughing at the grieving,
In my heart you know I am hating this,
So grateful that I’m leaving.

Hope to see you soon,
Please be waiting at the gate,
I may take the long way round,
For once I may be late,

Too many miles left to travel,
And without you by my side,
You see I am not dead quite yet,
But I never lied,

Every day without you,
A little death sets in,
Longing to be with you once more,
To see my best of friend.

So I’ll hide a few more tears,
Say dust got in my eye,
Miss the laughs we had together,
But never say goodbye.

D. Wyn Price

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