How do I become an emotionally stable person?

Beautiful sunset at Sanya. Photo by Cengceng.

Talking to the boss, he says that I am a stable person.One day I meet some friends, and they also say I’m getting more gentle.

You how valuable this evaluation is to me? A lot!

A year ago, I would be immediately unhappy if team members did things not that well. Being angry about things could embarrass myself, and also make people around uncomfortable.

By the end of the year, I was no longer unhappy with my friends because of my work. If I couldn’t solve any difficulties at once, I would let it be and find some way to handle them.

Not too much ups and downs in my mind, I become a calm person.

Beautiful sunset at Yantai. Photo by Cengceng.

What did I do?

I didn’t set goals. I just made some minor adjustments.

First, improve work efficiency. We must devote our limited energy to the most productive things and not to the ineffective work.

If the team members do work that doesn’t meet the standards, instead of being as angry as before, align their perceptions and norms and ask them what problems they has encountered and discuss solutions together.

Second, lower my expectations of others.It is absurd to expect that everyone should be very responsible and work without boundaries.

Everyone has their own style and rhythm of doing things, seeking common ground while reserving differences is more scientific and labor-saving than aligning everyone with your own standards.

Finally, accept the constant feeling of weakness.Giving doesn’t necessarily pay off equally, and strength is no longer even the most important ability.

Instead of sighing and complaining, indignation around everything, I learn more, summarize and review a lot. Focus on what other teams are doing and what is worth exploring.

Sun and snow. Photo by Cengceng.

Emotional stability means that when I do things, it is not easy to have bad emotions, and my mind is more rational and more peaceful.

After all, we will eventually move from being dominated by emotions to controlling emotions. We are also more and more able to control things in our hands and become more fulfilling.

It’s a tough road, but it’s definitely worth it.

This is my emotional growth story. If you have a good way to calm down, welcome to communicate with me.




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Learning to grow and explore the world

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