NAET and Allergies: A Not so Neat Idea
Lise Broer

I suffered from allergy for many years, so many years of taking medicine. Urticaria, AR …anyway, they passed. Both acute and chronic allergy tortured me. Not only in IgE, IgG blood tests we can found the positive results, but also in Skin PRICK test I have the positive results. I heard NEAT only 3 years ago, I tried for more than 1 year. Now I am OK. My health condition is much better now. What’s interested me most is that, after the NEAT of one allergy, the Skin PRICK test of that allergy become negative after a successful treatment. I can not explain. No medicine, need not hurt our body. Neat is safe, If you find an experienced doctor. I saw so many people benefit from NEAT. I am really appreciated to NEAT and Dr.Devi. I will never want the days like hell.