Changing Subconscious Beliefs

Our beliefs are INCREDIBLY powerful…. annnnddd more often than not, we are unaware of many of the beliefs that we hold. After and interesting experience with meditation and it’s “side effects” I was left with an insight into the process.

Yesterday I did and intense round of meditation focusing on abundance and well being. During the work I felt a myriad of positive emotions and was on cloud 9 so to speak. As my focus waned so did the high that I was riding. I felt content and proud, I had done some serious work.

Shortly thereafter came the second half of the work (the part that I was aware of). I started feeling a BUNCH of negative emotions and the corresponding self talk that goes along with them. I came close to letting them over run my contentedness but was able to resolve to experience them with acceptance and grace.

Eventually they faded and I returned to a bit of a muted state. I went to sleep early and slept in late!

This morning I was thinking about the experience and had a bit of an aha moment!

During the meditation I was adding a bunch of new stimuli to my subconscious. In this case it was positive, abundance and well being. These additions needed space to stay and ultimately roused some of the negative beliefs that I held. The negative emotions that I experienced after I “stopped” my meditation were those beliefs being “off-gassed” through my consciousness.


When changing beliefs you must give up in one belief in order to add another. I now see it as three discrete steps:

Step 1: addition of new belief

Step 2: removal of old belief

Step 4: normalization of new psyche

(I skipped step 3 because sometimes step 2 takes a couple of tries)

Be mindful of this, if you are experiencing the negative emotions as they are purging and you cling to them you have essentially restarted the cycle but are now adding the negative ones back in.

Take these with a grain of salt, if you are just getting started with behavioral modification I suggest starting small. It will allow you to observe the cycle and practice the different aspects without getting overwhelmed by a strong emotional surge!