Wyzerr Has Been Acquired by PopCom!

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Female-Owned Tech Companies Merge as PopCom Acquires Game-Based Survey Company Wyzerr

I am so excited to announce that Wyzerr has been acquired by PopCom, an automated retail technology platform for vending machines and kiosks that allows retailers to engage and understand customers, sell more products, and learn from big data.

What started as a drawing on the back of a napkin grew to a company that served over 2,200 business customers in over 53 countries. We helped businesses like Kroger, Unilever, Walmart, and Facebook better understand their customers. We went on the road with Procter & Gamble and Google to do market research with them at events. We even had a team in Hong Kong at Infiniti Labs helping them build cars using feedback from customers and employee. It was an exciting time to be Wyzerr. But now the world is different. Retail is different. To stay ahead, we have to anticipate consumer behavior of the future, not of today.

Joining forces with PopCom will allow us to directly be a part of the narrative of how future retail is done. I believe together we can change the idea of what a brick and mortar shop looks like in the future. It looks like PopCom. Dawn Dickson, the CEO of PopCom, has been working on this concept for well over 7 years and has proven her ability to lead, innovate, and execute. Most importantly, she has figured out a way to fundraise capital amongst people that look like us so that when we win, they win too. I’m excited for this new chapter of growth and innovation, and can’t wait to share what we’re working on.

To our amazing customers:

Thank you for your support over the years. Nothing changes for you right now. On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual. However, we now have new resources to continue building and supporting the software in ways we didn’t have before. Expect to see new features, smartform designs, dashboard improvements, and other capabilities to improve the way you collect feedback and generate insights for your organization.

What does this mean for Wyzerr?

Our team is now a part of the PopCom family in Columbus, OH! I have joined PopCom has the Head of Business Development, where I will continue to run Wyzerr as a standalone software while also developing business opportunities that can use Wyzerr and PopCom as one unit.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of our journey!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that have supported me in some way throughout the years. I don’t know many of you but you have re-shared my posts, referred Wyzerr to your companies, recommended us to friends and family, and celebrated all of my wins like they were your own. I’m committed to continuing the mission of making feedback and data analytics fun, fast, and easy, and hope you stay on this journey with me into this new chapter.

A few special thank you’s:

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The Founding Team for Wyzerr in 2015 at P&G’s Demo Day

I was living in New York in 2014 when Stedmon Harper, Ajae Dandridge, and I had the idea to build a survey company that would be fun, fast, and easy. Stedmon, a creative genius, was in Little Rock, Arkansas at the time, and Ajae, a multi-talented marketing savant, lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They both dropped everything and moved to New York to help me start what would become Wyzerr. Bjorn Simmons, who was working in Atlanta, eventually replaced Ajae full-time. I highlight the different places where my founding team came from because I don’t think Wyzerr would have made it as far as we have had we not had the collective experiences and talent of so many diverse people, personalities, and backgrounds. I also think I get an unfair amount of credit for a company that wouldn’t have gotten very far if not for Stedmon, Ajae, and Bjorn’s efforts in our early days to build such a strong foundation for Wyzerr. Regardless of the trials and hardships we endured over the last 6 years, the foundation for Wyzerr never cracked. To Stedmon, Bjorn, and Ajae — thank you for all of your love, support, and dedication to help me achieve my dreams.

Rob McDonald — every startup founder needs a Rob McDonald. I don’t have enough words to thank you for all that you’ve done for Wyzerr. Your persistence to convince us to move to Cincinnati for the Brandery was the turning point in our story and put us permanently on an upward trajectory. Thank you for everything that you did then, and continue to do now for Wyzerr.

Brian Powell, Rodney Williams, and Brian Lamar — Thank you for being such amazing advisors. I learned so much in our monthly calls and much of Wyzerr’s tech infrastructure, strategy, and UX/UI are a direct by-product of your suggestions and feedback throughout the years.

Seed Strategy and POSSIBLE (Cincinnati Office) — We all know Wyzerr then (and even Wyzerr now, lol) would never have been able to afford your services so thank you to your teams for volunteering your time and talents to the The Brandery. I am certain we wouldn’t have been able to secure so many large enterprises as clients if it wasn’t for our branding. The Director of Market Research for a large corporation once actually told me “Wyzerr seems like the cool kids in market research. We want to hang out with the cool kids too.” Wyzerr looked and felt like a big company to everyone on the outside because of your branding and design work. THANK YOU!

Dawn Dickson — you are a giant amongst us and the world will soon know too. One day people will read about you the same way people are reading about Steve Jobs today, and I am so grateful to be part of your vision. You’ve been a true example of what it means to be a trailblazer, but most importantly, a shining example of what it really means to go against the status quo and push beyond what’s normal. What you’re doing in equity crowdfunding will be the blueprint for so many other founders after us, and I believe things will be a little bit easier for them because of what you’re doing now. Thank you for being fearless, bold, and having the conviction to keep going.

My tribe — Gloria, Grace, Sana, Stephanie, Casandra, Bisi, Linh, Dominique, Christi, Summer, Robin, Kirsten, Olga, Krystle, and Kemi: THANK YOU for the years of taking my late night calls, for letting me crash on your couch, for picking me up from the airports at odd hours and then dropping me off at even odder hours, for the hot meals, for the prayers, for running an endless amount of errands for me without asking any questions, for the words of encouragement and everything else that you do so I can be the very best entrepreneur I can be. Thank you for your unconditional love.

To read the full press release, please click here.

Sincerest gratitude,

Natasia Malaihollo

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The AI wizard here at Wyzerr. He takes in feedback data and turns it into real-time insight.

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