The Easiest Way to Stream Live Sports

Ever pulled out your hair trying to figure out how to stream sports? Well, if you or someone in your household subscribes to cable television, you have the ability to watch live sports, wherever you are.

A cable subscription entitles you to “credentials” that authorize you to stream most of the content that you can get on TV. This concept is often referred to as “TV Everywhere.”

Trust me, it’s worth the small effort to retrieve your cable login. With it, you can stream live events on any device, anywhere in the US. Even if your mom or your roommate pays the bill, you are still entitled to use them.

Here are the steps to do it:

1) Identify your cable provider

This should be the easy part. If you have your credentials within reach, skip to section 2.

Don’t know your cable login username or password?

You can easily recover it on the cable provider’s website. Links below.

Don’t know the email associated with the account?

Not a problem either. Just search possible email inboxes for the cable provider’s name (ex: ‘DIRECTV’) until you find your last bill.

If you’re retrieving your household’s cable credentials, ask for the account number and billing address. If you’re not able to retrieve the login information on the web, you can call support, even if you’re not the account holder. We did this and it surprisingly took less than five minutes.

Here’s the account recovery links for the top cable providers in the country:

2) Understand the streaming rules

Most cable providers allow you to stream simultaneously, even in multiple locations. For example, if you and your brother are both out and about, you can both catch the game at the same time with the same login.

Make sure you refer to the infographic on simultaneous streaming when sharing login info with others in your household. Providers marked as ‘YES’ allow around 4–5 simultaneous streams from different locations.

Below are the biggest cable providers and sports packages.

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