California Fires

As you know, there has been a lot of cases where people had died because of a fire. Many people don’t know what to do in case of a fire. There is an organization called NFP(National Fire Protection Association) they are in charge of getting a percentage of fire catastrophes happened in the U.S.A. Each year, NFPA reports on massive fire and explosion losses in the United States, defined as events that resulted in property damage of at least $5 million. In 2003, fire departments in the United States responded to 1,584,500 fires. These fires caused an estimated loss of $12.3 billion.1 Many of them were small with little or no property damage reported; however, 46 resulted in losses of $5 million or more each. 2 Together, these large-loss fires resulted in $ 2,759 million in direct property loss, killed 33 civilians and one firefighter and injured 295 firefighters and civilians. Even though these fires accounted for only 0.003 percent of all the fires estimated to have occurred in the United States last year, they accounted for 22.4 percent of the total estimated dollar loss.

Here is a piece of the article from news from the New York Times. This article is about the people missing on the Chico California fires. “ There’s something about seeing all the names and the way these people might be dead by the fire that just brings the tragedy home.” This person lost his home me and had seen the names of and people and families that are missing he tells that the fire consumed them. In this catastrophe 81 people have died an up to date, there is no more information about if the missing people are dead or if they just escaped saving their lives.

In this image we can see how the fire is up in the sky, is all over the place killing people, animals, and plants ( like the palm tree you see there). To me the palm trees are the central nature figure in California, this is what California is distinguished because there is a place in most of the city an make it look delightful. It is unfortunate that these palm trees are getting burned and even if this image is not about a person, it makes you feel sad about this catastrophe.

This video says that a laser called Athena (Athena is a 30-kilowatt system) in a test Athena fired down five drones. Recently they have created a new one called Lockheed it is a stronger laser for the army it has the double kilowatts than Athena. Lockheed is 60 kilowatts. In the video, they explain more about this systems. Also, they think that these systems are the ones that might be the caused of the fires because they tested them in a near zone and that’s why it affected the area, and the flames started to increase.

You can help to this catastrophe. Some organizations are giving your donations to the shelter where these people are. One center you can go or if you want to do via the internet is the red cross they have a web page where you can donate money. Also, you can go to one of the red crosses near you and ask with what you can give.

There are many web pages that tell you what can you do in case of a fire, they also tell you with what you can be prepared. This web page, in particular, has a video where it talks about to get out of your house and to not come back again. It also mentions to not go back to get your pet or material things that you might have. Although many people will not agree with it because they love their pets and they do not want them to see them die in the fire. What you can do is to be prepared and not just for fire you have to prepare for any type of natural disasters.