Only from X: Introducing Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS)

X Marketplace
3 min readMar 30, 2022


We’d like to expand on the decentralized nature of our on-chain listings because what we provide may not be obvious at first glance. We are a Marketplace-as-a-Service, it’s not about sending users to This is possible because listings are on-chain which means our existing marketplace smart contracts can be integrated within any front end. This provides 4 key benefits/opportunities to ApeCoin DAO.

#1 Users do not need to transact on the website.

  • A front end can be built directly within (a new tab titled “marketplace”) or a standalone website.
  • While not a direct “plug and play” integration, the X smart contracts can be connected to any front end.
  • Because the listings are on-chain, it acts effectively as a white label

What benefit does this provide?

User Experience:

  • The most obvious as it creates a primary access point for all things APE. Governance, staking and marketplace.
  • This can be further expanded by ApeCoin DAO to integrate additional features for the community benefit (i.e. Fiat on-ramps or easy ways to buy $APE with crypto, etc…)

Fees for ApeCoin DAO & Community:

  • As the X smart contracts are being used, marketplace fees (including discount for using $APE) would be earned by ApeCoin DAO along with the $APE holders and Otherworld NFT collection holders (based on current pre-proposal).
  • Assuming this is all locked, this represents 71% of the total X token supply and fee emission claim.
  • Volume = volume, meaning any fees earned on (from any/all NFT sales) would also be emitted to ApeCoin DAO creating two ways to earn fees.

#2 Business Opportunities for ApeCoin DAO.

  • Fees earned on the contract interaction, not the front end
  • Expanding the use case of Project specific marketplaces to other NFT projects
  • Advances adoption of $APE for NFT commerce
  • Earns additional fees on incremental volume gained

How would this work?

Blue Chip NFT Projects

  • Start with Otherside NFT collections — build either a marketplace, integrated directly within their existing homepage, or stand alone website.
  • If BAYC needs their own marketplace, the assumption is that we’re not the only ones.
  • Incremental revenue back to ApeCoin DAO via platform fee emissions as it’s still the same X smart contract (based on current pre-proposal).
  • A revenue share can be provided back to the Blue Chip project — incentivising use of their marketplace and providing them with additional benefit.

New Projects

  • Easier user experience for their community as initial post-mint sales can be done directly within the project’s website.
  • Increased opportunity to capture initial post-mint trading volume because minting and trading occur within the same website.
  • Incremental revenue back to ApeCoin DAO via platform fee emissions as well as further opportunities to expose new communities to benefits of using $APE (based on current pre-proposal).
  • A revenue share can be provided back to the New Project — incentivising use of their marketplace and provide them with additional benefit.

#3 Redundancy

  • Building out a marketplace on a dedicated website or within the website means that a single BAYC listing would appear simultaneously on both that front end as well as
  • If one front end goes down, users can immediately pivot to the other working site
  • If both front ends go down, users can still interact with the smart contract directly

#4 Security

  • No more fake collection risk — safest path to a project’s NFT collection, or BAYC ecosystem NFTs, will be the marketplace integrated on the website. Important particularly for blue-chip and “hot” mints.
  • For new projects, the time-frame to be verified on a marketplace becomes moot as users can be directed to the project’s website.