If you own x42 Protocol, rejoice!

The core development team is happy to announce that x42 will be available as a wrapped ERC20 token on txbit; this token is now available on txbit!

This means wx42 is already DeFi-able.

A lot has and can come from this, the UniSwap listing being just the first step.

The contract address and information for wx42 can be found here.

Contract hash on etherscan: 0xf49fcdb92c7438b54edb4f1021abe3e3b4b15c92

How to convert x42 to wx42

You can buy x42 with ETH on uniswap, the uniswap link can be found here.

If you prefer you can convert your exisiting…

SIF is largest liberty event in South America.

What is SIF?

Clube Farroupilha who host the event is a liberal association based in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, whose purpose is to propagate the ideals of freedom through the development of leadership, and the production and dissemination of knowledge.

Simpósio Interdisciplinar Farroupilha 2019 or Farroupilha Interdisciplinary Symposium 2019 when translated to English is the largest libertarian event in South America and will have some very prestigious guest speakers at the event. The following is taken from the events Facebook and translated to English.

Following numerous citizen demonstrations for freedom, on November 9…

x42 Protocol

x42 aims to offer a blockchain protocol that is feeless and near instant, with customizable side blockchains and smart contracts.

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