On dating men with “potential”

Hello Christiana,

I have a few questions and would be really grateful if you can answer.

What is ‘potential’ ? Because I believe nobody is the finished article and one of the benefits of being in a relationship is bringing the best out of each other.

I feel there should be a balanced tune to this because some people might read it and misinterprete. One one hand it seems you are advising Ladies to go for already made men, and not risk being in advising relationship with men who are working on achieving their dreams. And on the other hand (which I believe it’s what you mean) is for woman not to date men who pretend to be working towards their dreams but actually aren’t. They are brilliant (where the ‘potential’ comes in) but when it comes to working out stuff they don’t.

I really would appreciate if you explain better the sid eof the fence you sit on.

Thank you.