What food would be better for Lung Cancer Patient with chemotherapy?

Some patients suffering a tumor or cancer may choose rare ginsenoside supplement to assist in the treatment and recovery of tumor, because research shows that rare ginsenoside has great properties in anti-tumor activities. Take Redsenol capsules for example, it contains 16 rare ginsenosides and manufactured by Canada Royal Enoch. It helps a lot from the perspective of tumor patients. In addition to rare ginsenoside supplement, equivalent attention should also be attached to diet for lung cancer patents.

Lung cancer patients often need to continue to be treated after surgery. If postoperative pathology suggest that cell differentiation is too active or inactive, or tumor cells invade in lymphatic vessels, microvascular, patients suffer high risk of recurrence. They need postoperative chemotherapy to get it controlled. The Chemotherapy will lead to some side effects, how to treat the side effects of chemotherapy for lung cancer?

1, chemotherapy drugs can cause leukopenia, so patients should eat more food rich in protein, iron and vitamin, such as animal liver, lean meat, jujube, fresh fruit and vegetables.

2, diarrhea patients should eat food with little fiber. Severe diarrhea patients should mainly eat light diet, such as broth, fruit juice or ginger oolong tea. Apple surface is rich in pectin, patients can eat more. Patients can choose food containing more potassium, such as vegetable soup, orange juice, tomato juice and so on, while eliminate foods that may cause diarrhea such as milk and dairy products.

3 patients with severe response or long-term nutritional intake disorders may consider special method to improve patient status. at the same time, be patient to persuade and encourage patients to eat. Language education is the most commonly used, most convenient, and easiest way to grasp a basic education.

4, For severe vomiting, carefully observe the times of vomiting, the amount and color, with the application of antiemetic treatment. For a liver damage, stay in bed and eat nutritional and digestible diet with reasonable amount.

5, With less activity and certain anti-cancer drugs that lead to neurotoxicity, cancer patients suffer slow bowel movements and even constipation. Patients should drink more water, about 200 ml per day, which helps to increase the humidity of feces and is conducive to the excretion of chemotherapy drugs.

In addition, it is better for patients to eat more vitamin A, C, E fresh fruits and vegetables, crude fiber containing brown rice, beans food. Eat more radish, garlic, jam, raw cucumber and other gas food to increase the peristalsis.

In order to prevent or reduce bone marrow suppression caused by red and the decline of white blood cells and platelets, patients can eat cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, fish and other nutrient-rich high-protein foods and spinach, celery, tomatoes, peaches, raisins, Yangmei, fig, jujube, peanuts and other green food. Food such as mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, Hericium, fungus, white fungus, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps can improve patient’s cellular immune function.

As far as my concern, healthy diet is a basic step, while this shows no conflict with the effectiveness of rare ginsenoside supplement on the treatment and recovery of tumor. Rare ginsenoside can relieve physical and mental fatigue, inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells and induce the apoptotic of cancer cells.

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