Inaugural xAd On Location Event Brings Together Innovators to Inspire the Future of Location

Yesterday at our premier On Location event, xAd brought together tech, retail, advertising and fashion innovators to drive the discussion and applications of location technology forward. This event features keynote speakers and panelists from major brands including Bacardi and Dunkin’ Brands to investment capitalist firm Microsoft Ventures to the industry standard in measurement, comScore, delivering insights and examples across industries on setting new boundaries with location technology.

The economy of location technology cannot be understated. xAd’s solutions are helping organizations like Oxfam, Goodwill and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) leverage location data and digital innovation to empower local communities in critical times of need, as well as brands looking to take advantage of the $5 trillion retail market by optimizing the connection between a consumer’s location and purchase behavior to better monetize the 90% of retail transactions that still convert in traditional brick and mortar stores.

For the $72 billion invested in online ad spend, less than 10% of retail is attributed to e-commerce sales. Addressing this major disconnect in the run-up to the biggest retail shopping season of the year, we announced 3 areas of innovation today that will allow marketers to better reach and measure key moments of intent.

Discovery Premium, a preview of GeoBlocks as well comScore Location Lift with xAd at ourOn Location event:

  • An extension of xAd’s Discovery 1.0 the world’s first public, real-time location intelligence platform, Discovery Premium gives marketers insights into the popularity of specific brands, places and points of interest based on actual foot traffic visitation behavior along with deeper competitive insights.
  • GeoBlocks — Hyper local neighborhoods which show high visitation with the store. For the first time with GeoBlocks, xAd allows marketers to identify pockets of consumers who have shown affinity for a brand within unique geographical areas where they live, work and play.
  • In addition to GeoBlocks and Discovery Premium, xAd has expanded its partnership with comScore through comScore Location Lift (cLL) with xAd, bringing together comScore’s measurement expertise and xAd’s precise location technology, comScore Location Lift with xAd is the first 3rd party validated cross-media (desktop and TV) visitation measurement solution; understanding how campaign delivery influences store visitation based on actual foot traffic into stores.

At xAd, we’re leveraging the power of location to connect the dots between consumer mobility, foot traffic and intent to purchase. This focus combined with our latest offerings gives brands an opportunity to better identify, engage and attract consumers in real-time based on the depth of precision and accuracy our unique solutions provide .

For more information on how xAd’s technology is helping brands better understand foot traffic and behavior moments, check out our latest research including:

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