Power of NFT unleashed: xBank and its “onboarding leverage”

2 min readMar 20


We are excited to announce that xBank has been ready to elaborate on the NFTfi protocol to serve our users in a more innovative way.

Current NFT lending protocols are more keen on liquidity of pro/scientist and fail to fit in growing needs of retail users. Mapping lending market structure of Fungible Tokens into NFT doesn’t work, because NFT’s social and cultural hooks make it more adaptable to retail users. More importantly, the first time cost of participating in an NFT community/project is still neglected and it has been poorly connected with the current lending structure. The mission of xBank protocol is to introduce the growth needs of NFT lending by retail users, in an appropriate form, to the unboosted on-chain lending market.

We are expecting to build a more native and sustainable financial infrastructure to serve New Adopters and the NFT market. This is an ambitious target to achieve and we have included the most powerful talents for it. On platform operation and product design, we have talents from 10 million level fintechs like Huobi and Lexin joined as our most reliable builders to push targets forwards to completing our mission.

We’re building the protocol layer privately for now, but we’ll share more info on how to get early access soon. We’re ecstatic for others to join us on this journey.

Before this, xBank had been dedicated to building Dapps with excellent user experience and had onboarded more than 180k users with our Portal App. With xBank’s Portal App, users are now able to on/off-ramping, purchase NFTs with Visa and manage assets frictionless like shopping online. xBank is an active consumer web3 platform leading invested by IOSG Ventures with amazing partners like Hashkey, Fenbushi, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Headline and more, helping us to be the most adopted Web3 platform by Web2 users.

Official Website: http://xbank.plus/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xBank_Official

Discord: https://discord.gg/xzbTv4E6rM

Sign UP to get 5USDT and 500BUSD: https://bit.ly/3cUjqpD

IOS: http://apple.co/3WRnRmD

Android: http://bit.ly/3GHgMzC




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