Things I’m worried about

It’s, what? Day 5? And there are already so many things I’m worried about with this administration.

Of course, I’ve been worried since the election. Even before. But now that so many things are moving forward, the number of things that worry me is skyrocketing. Maybe making a list will help me prioritize and figure out how to best make an impact.

Things I’m worried about (from the past few days)

  • repeal of the Affordable Care act
  • loss of abortion rights for women
  • development of the Keystone and North Dakota pipelines
  • increased censorship of government agencies
  • lack of access for journalists/silencing the free press
  • privatization of national parks
  • halting investigation into Flint, MI water crisis
  • flat out lying (sorry, “alternative facts” by the admin comms people)
  • threatening to bow out of UN
  • ties with Russia and what that means for US foreign policy
  • ties with Taiwan and what that means for US foreign policy
  • changes/restrictions on research at EPA, USDA, NIH, etc.