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xDroid combines the fun of RC cars with the magic of video games (media kit)

The rush, the adrenaline, the dynamics of video racing games has now arrived in the real world. xDroid is introducing the first truly gamified remote controlled car. Destruction derby, capture the flag, drift and many more — with xDroid you can now play your favorite racing video games outside in the physical world.

All you need is the xDroid rc car, the interactive checkpoints “xPoints” and the xDroid app. The virtual vehicle is replaced by the 1:16 smartphone controlled xDroid — equipped with precise sensors, a high performance engine with 4 wheels-drive and a robust suspension system. If you want you can also upgrade your existing rc car with the xCore. Bonuses, scores and power-ups, just like in video games, can be collected by covering the xPoints.

In contrast to augmented reality like Pokemon Go, where the real world gets a digital overlay on the screen, xDroid wants to bring the fun off the screen. “With xDroid we take away video games from the screen and put them into the real world. We enhance rc cars with interactive game elements, to maximise the gaming experience.” explains CTO Roman Khazankin.

The xDroid app, available for iOS and Android, is the heart of the ecosystem, providing games, controller and a social gaming platform in one. It connects via an innovative Wi-Fi mesh network to xDroids and xPoints. It controls the xDroid with incomparable accuracy and gives you audio and haptic feedback during the game.

You can play xDroid in different modes, which makes it fun from young to old:

  • Single-player: Master your driving skills in the free drive or stunt mode.
  • Multiplayer: Capture the flag, destruction derby, domination, gold digger, catch up, and many more coming up
  • Parent-child: Delegate only partial control to your kid, this makes xDroid fun for even the smallest kids.
  • Droid mode: Learn coding with our graphical coding language and let your car drive autonomously.

In the future players will be able to create their own game modes and share them with other gamers. “We are not only creating a product, but are building a strong and motivated community.” says CEO Victor Rodionov.

Can’t wait to play? Get your xDroid kit on Kickstarter starting May 15, 2018.

Launch Details

What our test drivers say:

  • “It’s an incredible fun game” Luca Viscardi (Radio Number One)
  • “There are many things, that use smartphone as a controller, but xDroid’s steering is incomparable precise and responsive” Waldemar Keibel (Reveal Rabbit)
  • “Normally kids play alone with rc cars. Playing together makes it so much better.” Maker Faire Vienna test driver
  • “The fun factor is completely different compared to “regular” rc cars” Waldemar Keibel (Reveal Rabbit)

Why did we make xDroid?

From the very beginning, the main goal of our project was to bring the fun of playing video and mobile games into the real world and making it social. We were set to redefine completely the experience of playing with remote control cars, including a global rethinking of the functional control, feedback mechanisms, game mechanics, and the level of player involvement. After more than 1000 test drives and great feedback, we are certain that we created an incomparable gaming experience.

We are an international team, based in Vienna, Austria. Since 2016, Victor Rodionov and Roman Khazankin, both kids at heart with backgrounds in software development, EduTech and entrepreneurship, supported by an awesome team, are working on bringing xDroid to life.

Media Kit Goodies — photos, videos and GIFs

You can find all of the images in high resolution below 👉 here


Maker Faire Vienna Test Drive


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The first truly gamified remote controlled car

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