The Job, The Home and The GURL

A few of you have been asking where the latest blog post is. Well it’s right here silly! There’s been a few things going on in recent times. Some things have developed quickly, some have taken an eternity and there’s been times a done deal gets undone.

On the job

Hunting for a job here has been a task and a half. It’s required a lot of patience. Thankfully, courtesy of my recruiter Aleksandra, I’ve secured a 2 week contract to get the ball rolling. It’s going to be nice to get back to working. After having next to no holidays for the last 5 years, or vacations as they call it here, it’s been strange getting used to having a plethora of time. I suspect soon I’ll be facing the opposite problem. Technically I’ve worked two days already but tomorrow will be my first in the office. Interestingly enough I seem to be have picked for this role based on my ability to design and do hand lettering. It’s great to see that my 295 days of hand lettering have paid off.

On Tuesday I’ve got another interview to gain a 6 month contract at a really good agency. I’d heard previously I was in a good position to get this role so fingers crossed I can seal the deal. Otherwise there’s potential I will be contacted for a second round interview for another role in the next week or so as well. So after an information drought on this front it’s nice that the opportunities seem to be flowing. I always felt that if I could get one job that things would start to fall into place. Hate to say I told me so.

Toronto has been very accommodating

I started my Toronto journey staying with my AirBNB host Amy. She was of course awesome and we still catch up all the time for Starbucks. Then more recently I moved in with Kyla, Red and the ridiculously charismatic Floyd. It’s been great getting to know them as well in the last 2 weeks.

Kyla was amazing enough to offer to let me stay longer, but I felt it was time for me to man up and get my own place. Tara suggested to me that I should look for a sublet as a lot of people leave Toronto for the summer. This would offer me a home for 3–4 months and allow me to stop living out of a suitcase. I was sold on the idea so I went scouring the interwebz for my new home. I almost got lucky with the place downstairs from Amy but unfortunately they had to back out of allowing me to stay there. Thankfully I managed to pretty quickly secure a another really nice place close to downtown! Sadly I had to break the news to Floyd…

“Are you sure you have to leave me? We could be friends forever.” — Floyd

I got incredibly lucky with my new home which I move into on May 6. The current tenant, Nadina, has been looking for someone to take on the place since March. Many have come to see the apartment but said no for pretty trivial reasons like too much sunlight (makes sense if you’re a vampire I guess) or not enough space (apparently a family of 5 were surprised a 1 bedroom apartment wasn’t big enough). Then there were people who didn’t want to do a credit check. There was even a girl who agreed to take on the sublet, but bailed at the last minute. It left Nadina in a tricky situation but it allowed me to swoop in and save the day like a true Aussie hero. I’ve done my country proud.

I’ll be there until the end of August which means my initial 2 month stay will be extended to 6 months at the bare minimum. Since my second day in Toronto I’ve felt so at home. All signs point to this being a permanent move for me. But don’t worry, I’ve already told mum!

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

You may have noticed in the last week that I have gone “Facebook official” with my lady friend Tara. If you’ve been following my blog or Facebook feed then you’re probably aware that pretty much every awesome thing I’ve done in Toronto involves Tara. Who is this mystery woman though?

In the lead up to me moving to Toronto I knew one person in all of Ontario. That’s her! We’ve known each other for a long time but hadn’t really been in contact much for the last few years. As soon as I knew I was making the big leap to Canada I asked Tara if she’d be able to help me to learn about how things worked over here. Being Canadian, she was morally bound to help me. Her recommendations and advice were a key factor in me being able to feel at home so quickly. I honestly can’t thank her enough for that.

We’d organised to spend a bunch of our Saturdays together to do fun things like seeing the NBA and NHL, climbing the CN Tower, as well as visiting Niagara Falls and seeing The Used. We seemed to click pretty much straight away and after a few weeks it was pretty clear we had a thang for each other. I’m not entirely sure how I tricked her into liking me but I’m pretty happy it worked out that way. You can expect to hear plenty more about her in the future!

Lotsa ligatures

Last night I met up with a bunch of cool kids from Ligatures YYZ, a hand lettering collective in Toronto. It was great to meet so many people who love the same craft as me. I realised I have quite a different technique compared to most people there. On the back of that event I managed to rack up my 2000th follower on Instagram! It’s hard to believe it only took 295 days. It’s taken a lot of practice but in recent times it’s become very clear how important practice time is. If you haven’t already checked out my work you can find it here:

That’s all for this week. Hope everyone back home in Australia is doing well!

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