Storms can be tragic or small, they’re full of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. They can do a lot to no damage and at times be intensely frighting. As bad as storms can be, can they also be beautiful? Is there something that can change someones perspective of a roaring storm overhead?

Most people would agree that lightning is beautiful. It can come in various ways such as quick bolts, long flashes that fill the sky, or strands running through the clouds.

If you look at a rainy sky, its dark and grey. If you look around during a storm, it’s as if all the colors have been drained from the world. There is no vibrant green trees, no bright red brick houses and all the light brown fences have turned to a dull grey. Everything looks sad and gloomy and you seem to have a hard time finding any good in a stormy atmosphere.

Though the world has turned dreary, it is not impossible to see beauty in a storm.When lightning flashes, for a glimpse of a second, the colors return to the subdued surroundings as if they never left in the first place. A midst second of light can make a raging storm look beautiful. Even when the flash is gone and the world has gone dark once again, you can’t help yourself from looking for the next sign of light. Suddenly, the storm seems more tolerable and it keeps you in wonder asking when or where the lightning will reappear. Even though you never really know when you’ll see the radiant light again, you seem to have a glimmer of hope and patiently wait for its return.

Lightning bolts typically look prettier than sky flashes in most peoples opinions. Although bolts are brighter and more keen to the eyes, they tend to not last as long. People don’t seem to mind that though, they find storms with occasional bolts more alluring than those with frequent sky flashes.

It’s amazing how a moment of light can make what seems like the worst storms, so breath taking. After seeing the colors you’ve grown familiar to reappear in the depths of the storm, you somehow realize that you can withstand the wind and rain.

After the storm has ended, the world seems more vivid and illuminated than before. You learn to appreciate the storms for cleansing the world and giving back the fluorescent colors you watched disappear.

From experiencing many types of storms, destructive and serene, I concluded that with just a little bit of light, you can get through the raging wind and rain and come out feeling better than ever. A little bit of lightning in the dark can make some of the “worst days” divine and exquisite.

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