America in an image?

As most of you have seen, I have mostly been posting about America lately. (Blame my English Teacher) So as you probably know, America is a diverse nation which incorporates all walks of life. However, most of you are probably thinking about how “This picture doesn’t represent America”.

Those who are thinking that well… congratulations…. you are correct. Sadly, this picture represents the American creativity, but not America as a whole. This is because America represents freedom, equality, justice, power, bravery, courage, life, and opportunity. So what about this image?

No? Alright well, it has come to my attention that most of you would not have realized this at the start, however, America cannot, and will not, be represented by a picture. It stands for Freedom. Freedom in itself can’t be drawn. It can be shown, it can be embodied, and be represented, but cannot be seen. You can say someone looks free. Yet cannot say someone is being free. It is hard to define America in a picture due to this.

If of all things you disagree with my statement, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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