Technology: Blast To The Past

For many years, we’ve been just focusing on what is the latest gadget. We didn’t even know how they ended up with those inventions. We didn’t even care to know the origin of the things we have today, but I’ll tell you this…


Computers are important for me, in fact I’m using one right now. It helps me in many different ways. I need it in order to finish my tasks and achieve my goals. I can’t even imagine my life without my computer. Well, it all started because of a man named J. Presper Eckert. He was the first one to think of that. Then, many other people decided to make a few changes. His construction took 3 years, from 1943–1946, the first “computer” was born. It was called “ENIAC”. After many years of research another man named Charles Babbage invented another invention that was really a computer in the year, 1832.

The Internet


Back then people used books for the information that they needed. Today we just bring out our gadgets then just ask google about it. Now, we won’t experience how to work hard for just one simple question. Now let’s go to the library.


I love music, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t like it. Music gets me and I could relate to it. When it was way back, they used cassette tapes and they would put it into a Walkman. Philips invented the cassette tape while Nobutoshi Kihara invented the walkman. Walkman was released on 1984, According to Google, it cost $200.

The Telephone

It’s so cool that they ended up with gadgets like Iphones and all. They first started with our classic telephone. The first person to succed in making the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell. His telephone looked complicated but, at least it worked and it ended up inspiring other people to improve it. If it weren’t for for him, my childhood would change. I would always call my friends on the telephone, since I wasn’t “responsible” enough to have a mobile phone. There were also other people who developed a telephone such as Elisha Grey and Antonio Meucci. Now, the first person to invent the mobile phone was Martin Cooper. The mobile phone was first made on April 3, 1973. After several years, the evolution of the mobile continued until today. The evolution would continue until nobody knows what to add anymore and they would run out of ideas.

The Television

The first television was an electric television. It was made by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. According to Google, he lived in a house without electricity until he was 14. Now how shocking was that? If I wouldn’t have electricity in my life, I would not have been doing this. Well, thank you electricity. The mechanical television has a different story. The mechanical television was invented by John Logie Baird. According to Wikipedia, he was one of the 10 greatest Scottish scientists.

Many things happened through years of invention and I hope that people would remember these people that I have shared to you. Since this would almost be the end, I might as well share you my quote

Things change but it would never change the past.

Wait… if somebody would bully you in social media… I have a tip. Block that person, nothing good would happen if you fight back.

Thank you for reading.